An Icing Workshop at the London Summer Event Show

I just want to do this all day.

I cant believe i did that – seems a shame to eat it, but….

The London Summer Event Show is wonderful occasion for event planners to see the latest ideas and activities in the world of events, parties and corporate entertainment.

icing workshop

We were delighted to be asked to host 2 biscuit decorating workshops over the 2 consecutive days.

We were tasked with creating cookie decorating workshops that were engaging, memorable, achievable and fun. We also knew we would be working in the stunning Freemason’s Hall and so needed to supply everything needed, create minimal mess and then take everything (apart from the biscuits) away again!

We supplied every participant with pre-prepared, coloured piping icing, baked biscuits and some piping practice sheets to get the hang of using the piping bags.

After a brief introduction, everyone grabbed some icing bags, got their practise sheets and got going.

Once people felt a bit more confident, we moved onto icing the biscuits. We all worked to a bigger theme (whilst working on our individual biscuits) and we had ensured the icing workshop would allow the participants to create a few different iced biscuits in the time we had. At the end of the session, we brought all of the individually iced biscuits together to solve the puzzle they had been icing onto their biscuits.

The feedback was wonderful with the workshop being completely full on the second day with a queue outside the door! We were told that people loved the engagement, being able to focus on a creative activity and seeing great results within the session. Plus they LOVED taking their biscuits away to show them off before eating them!

Why choose Enchanting Bakes for an biscuit decorating workshop?

We are passionate about what we do. We are a small business who will work with you to identify your objectives, and design a custom creative workshop.

Our workshops are:-

  • fun
  • engaging
  • relaxing
  • creative
  • achievable
  • postive
  • custom
  • tasty!

Oh, and we bring everything with us and clean everything away…

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