After spending many years in the corporate world of sales and marketing, I decided it was time for a change. This was why I created Enchanting Bakes in 2016.

I had a strong desire to start a business which would combine making people happy with my love of baking. The answer was obvious, biscuits!

So Enchanting Bakes – The Boutique Biscuit Bakery came into being.

We started by creating biscuit gift boxes – to make people smile and spread a bit of biscuit happiness. Our gift boxes were designed to fit through letter boxes for easy delivery, and were focused on life events such as birthdays, new babies, ‘get well soons’ and ‘thank yous’. 

As word grew that we made both unique and tasty biscuits, we started to develop other ranges including wedding favours, party biscuits, baby showers and our brilliant photo cookies. 

From then on, our business really took off as we were sought out by business clients to develop ideas and tasty solutions for marketing and communications activity. Applying the experience from my career in marketing and advertising with a genuine passion for making interesting, tasty and different biscuits, we have become a go-to business for companies of all sizes.

We remain passionate about everything we do here, and make sure every biscuit that leaves the bakery is a biscuit that makes us proud.

We love nothing more than developing ideas – flavours, shapes, logos, creative packaging – all to ensure we are spreading biscuit joy to the world!

As a small business, everything is designed, baked, cooled, iced and packaged to order here in the Enchanting Bakery, and every order is personal.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions, or to find out what we could bake for you. Just get in touch, or email directly info@enchantingbakes.co.uk and experience some Enchanting Biscuits today.