A Team Building Icing Workshop in Your Office

custom biscuit decorating workshop
Team Biscuits

“The Team Absolutely Loved It”

We were delighted to host a custom biscuit icing workshop with Your Event Solutions (YES).

YES are a meetings and events provider, specialising in delivering powerful and innovative experiences for the worlds biggest brands.

Creating a Themed Icing Workshop

Prior to the biscuit decorating workshop, we were briefed on themes and objectives for the session, and created a custom event that would work with these in mind. We worked to the theme BETTER TOGETHER, and created an activity which incorporated this.

Custom Biscuit Decorating

We arrived at their office with everything that was needed for the biscuit decorating activity we had planned, and after a 5 minute set up in their conference room, the participants arrived ready to learn a new skill and have some fun!

During the session, we started with some practise piping with the prepared icing bags, and everyone got the feel of how to get great results, and try a few different techniques.

We then moved on to everyone decorating their own biscuits with individual letters we handed out to them. Each person got to ice 3-4 letter biscuits.

At the end of the sessions, we laid out all of the letters and the team got together to solve the anagram. There was lots of laughter and teamwork as they tried to solve the anagram. After a few (very funny) attempts, they spelled out YES, BETTER TOGETHER bringing the activity full circle to the original theme.

In addition to icing the letter biscuits, it was great to see so many people making personalised biscuits to gift to friends and partners they were seeing after work that day. The fun and engagement of the icing session was wonderful.

The Feedback

The feedback from the session was wonderful

“What a fun way to all get together – I really enjoyed it!”

 “Such a great and very unique idea AND the biscuit itself tasted lovely”

Zoe Thatcher, Head of Business Development said, Enchanting Bakes truly exceeded our expectations with their biscuit decorating masterclass. The session fulfilled our goal of nurturing connection and we cannot wait to bring Griselda’s biscuit decorating workshops to our clients. In the competitive events market, a fresh perspective on marketing and engagement is invaluable, especially as YES continue to expand into and deliver events in the advocacy, brand, and PR world. We’re delighted to have discovered such a wonderful partner in Griselda and Enchanting Bakes.”

custom icing workshop

Here at Enchanting Bakes, we are passionate about what we do and love nothing more than creating a custom icing workshop for you and your team. To find out more, just get in touch to see how we can help you.

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