A Very Enchanting Photo Shoot

Enchanting Bakes Photo Shoot

There comes a time in every small businesses life that when people ask for a headshot, a poorly lit selfie just will not do! Having put off having any form of official photography done for me or my business, I was persuaded by a small business foodie friend that it was time!

I have to confess, this is not something that would ever be in my comfort zone, but as the business grows, so do I and so does the need to grit your teeth and get on with things! So we arranged for the fabulous @tracyticknermakeup to come and ‘do my face’. If you have never had your make up done (I was a low maintenance bride who slapped on a little bit of extra mascara and didn’t have the whole full face thing), you really must. For a start, it is wonderful to feel like a movie star. Secondly, it is an art form, with those in the know really cleverly highlighting your good bits and detracting from your less good bits! After Tracy had worked her magic, I honestly did a double take and shouted “Oh My Gosh, my eyes are so blue” – something I don’t believe I have ever had the need to shout across a room before!

Enchanting Bakes Photo Shoot

The photographer was the amazing @kellyadrianastewart who really worked hard to put us at ease and to get some great natural shots. I loved that Kelly spent time taking great product shots whilst we were busy being made up, and also got some more ‘relaxed’ shots of the day.
Another big advantage of a for photo shoot is the cake, biscuit and cake pop sampling….! There was no need for dinner that night!

Anyway, after a lovely day being made up, drinking tea, eating biscuits and sharing laughs, we came out with a great selection of both product photos and headshots. There are a few photos here, and we will be using the product shots and head shots over coming months.

Thank you to @tracyticknermakeup, @kellyadrianastewart, Danielle Armstrong at The Richmond Cake School and the lovely @mrspspops for a brilliant day!


Griselda x

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