A Cup Of Tea and A Biscuit. Generating Leads and New Business with Custom Cookies

“Thanks for the very original direct marketing. I loved the idea of the tea and biscuit!”

Agillic is a market leading omnichannel marketing technology company. We teamed up with Agillic to create a unique direct marketing campaign that has been very successful.
Agillic were looking to increase engagement, stimulate conversations and drive new business after a recent trade event they were exhibiting at. They wanted to follow up with and engage with both the people they had managed to meet, and also those they hadn’t managed to meet at the trade event.

A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit Business Card

“Thanks for the biscuit. It was delicious and made my week. Perhaps we could set up a call?”

Enchanting Bakes baked and iced business card biscuits with the name and details of the lead contact at Agillic. The individual biscuits were then packaged with a sealed teabag, and one of two message cards :-

  • one following up after meeting at the trade event, and
  • one saying sorry they hadn’t connected, but they would love to. Both message cards ended with the suggestion of meeting for a cup of tea and a conversation to see if their companies might be able to work together.

Phenomenal Response

The response to the campaign was exceptional. With over a 70% response rate – many of which were driven by the clients who got in touch with Agillic after receiving their biscuit business card. More importantly, the business development team at Agillic found that these potential customers were very open to conversations and meetings, and that the dialogues that started from this activity have been organic and positive. Even better than that is the number of large deals with target clients that are coming to fruition that started with a cup of tea and a branded biscuit being delivered to someone’s desk!

“Thank you for the biscuit – very thoughtful!”

Charlie Oldham, New Business Development at Agillic said “This is such a refreshing way of getting in touch with new clients, and we have developed many positive and relaxed conversations since we sent the biscuits out. The responses have led to significant new business, and also very open and interesting conversations with clients we didn’t actually manage to meet, as well as those we dd. We will be sending our biscuit business cards as an ongoing part of our new business strategy”.

Griselda Soames, Enchanting Bakes said “We are delighted the responses to Charlie’s biscuit business cards was so positive. We pride ourselves not only on delicious biscuits, but also on our professionalism and flexibility to develop and deliver on creative biscuit ideas for our business clients.

If you would like to find out what we can do for you and your business, please get in touch. We love biscuits, and we love being creative!

Griselda x

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