Three really good reasons to gift custom biscuits this Christmas

So it is that time of year when the countdown is well and truly on. We love a bit of Christmas here at the bakery – not least as we get to make lots and lots of delicious Christmas biscuits, Christmas cookies and custom gingerbread. Having worked in both the corporate and small business worlds, I have seen that the gesture of a little something at Christmas really does go a long way in cementing relationships and showing a little bit of appreciation to the people and companies that support you and your business.

As we enter our busiest time of year, we got to thinking about why biscuits are the perfect seasonal gift for your customers, suppliers and staff. So here are 3 really good reasons to send custom Christmas biscuits:-

1. Biscuits make people happy!

They really do! We are yet to have someone say “Thanks, but please keep your delicious, iced biscuits to yourselves as I don’t want them”. All we hear is people saying how much they love receiving our biscuits, how they love the look of them and most importantly how delicious they are! So if we know receiving biscuits make people feel happy and smiley, wouldn’t it be great if they were thinking of you and your business when they have all these positive feelings going on?!

2. It shows you have put some thought into it.

We have all received that gift that just makes you look and it and ask why! (I got sent orange nail varnish as a Christmas gift from a customer in a previous role. I still have no idea why, and wonder to this day if they were re-gifting, sent it by mistake, or thought I needed a manicure.)

You can customise Christmas biscuit gifts and Christmas cookies to your business, or the recipient and set the right tone of voice, showing your customers that your have thought about them. Surely if you are investing in Christmas gifting, it is important to show that you have actually thought about the festive offering, and are sending something that works with your or their brand/culture. Whether you want to send something quirky and fun such as a gingerbread Santa, something classy such as a an all-white Christmas gift box, or something traditional such as some of the beautiful Victorian Christmas images (in edible form!), you can make a bespoke Christmas gift with your brand or Christmas message as subtle or bold as you like.

3. Biscuits are not controversial. 

They don’t give you a hangover, and it is very difficult to offend anyone with a well thought out Christmas biscuit gift. You can send enough to make sure everyone in a team receives at least one, or that your key client has a box to themselves.

Now for the sales pitch – we have a selection of unique Christmas gift boxes – all of which can be customised for your company or the lucky people receiving them. You can add branding or seasonal messaging to the packaging, ribbons, labelling and biscuits themselves. Just click here to see our Christmas catalogue.

We can take orders now and bake so they are fresh to go in December. And we can handle the packaging and posting from here, or send them to you to take or post to clients yourselves.

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