Letterbox Biscuit Gifts – custom biscuits posted straight to your employees

Well, Coronavirus has certainly changed the way we are all doing things. Colleagues and teams who once saw each other every day now only see each other through screens. And as dates for returning to an office remain under discussion, often employees and staff can feel unsettled.
It is also important to recognise many of the challenges employees are facing as they work from home. Many people live alone and have barely any interaction with other people in an average day (if at all). Others are home schooling whilst holding down a full-time job. With all these different circumstances and new pressures on our colleagues and friends, small acts to show them they are appreciated take on much significance, and employee wellbeing is so important.

A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit

As many of the workforce continue to work from home, or are furloughed, we have been looking at ways we can help keep teams feeling engaged and motivated.

Now, I am in no way suggesting that biscuits can fix things, but I do know that receiving a biscuit gift through the post to team working from home can really brighten their day, spread a smile and preseve the camaraderie we all took for granted when offices were open.

We have been creating custom biscuit gifts for some of our clients, and the feedback to date has been wonderful:-

“Thank you so much. They loved them.”

“What an amazing idea – it really perked people up.”

“I love them – thank you!”

“We all had a cup of tea and a biscuit on Zoom together.”

It’s not a meeting without biscuits

So why not send them a thank you gift – let them know you appreciate the effort they are putting in and the juggling many are doing to keep things going. We can all acknowledge that things are tough, but let people know they are still part of a team, even if they haven’t seen them other than through a screen for weeks. You can use our biscuits gifts to say thank you and just show your team you care.

Get In touch info@enchantingbakes.co.uk to find out more, or place an order.

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