Team Appreciation and Happiness – A Case Study

“I love this – such a great idea”

CEO of the company of this case study.

We have been working with quite a few companies looking at ways they can help their team members continue to feel engaged and appreciated with seem many of them working at home.

In the current climate, with so many staff currently working from home, business leaders and managers are looking for ways to keep their people motivated and engaged. The sense of camaraderie and day to day relationships are missing, and the contact with the people seen every day is now only through a computer screen.

Furthermore, everyone working from home is working in a very different set-up with some living alone, and others trying to manage home schooling before their work day begins.

We have recently worked with a large energy company. As with most businesses, all of their staff have been working from home since March.

Having spoken with the CEO, he was looking for a slightly different way to communicate with his team and let them know they are appreciated by him and the business. He wanted something unique, appropriate for everyone and branded to help the sense of belonging. He also wanted to raise a little smile and give people a well-deserved break!

We created biscuit giftboxes for every team member that included logo biscuits, plus message biscuits saying “Thank You for all your hard work”, and “Apart but still one”. Each box also included a personal gift note “We are all in the same storm but not in the same boat” recognising that each team member was having a different experience and facing different challenges whilst working from home.

And as an added element, and to add a little smile, we included a single tea bag with the note thanking everyone, and encouraging them to take some “much deserved time out and have a cup of tea and a biscuit”. Each box was posted directly to the team members house.

The response was great with people emailing thank you’s (and the odd post on social media too!) The CEO said “For a small gesture, these biscuit gift boxes really do make a difference to reminding our staff we appreciate them and everything they are doing at such a challenging time. Thank You!”

We were delighted to work on these for this company. Small personalised gifts showing people they are appreciated and remain part of a team are so important to maintaining morale at the current time. Biscuits can’t fix things, but they can make things a little bit better!

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