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edible photo party biscuits

We specialise in Custom Personalised Photo Cookies and Biscuits. One of our original and best biscuit gifts is our edible photo biscuits. Over the years, we have made some really amazing, and totally unique biscuit gifts.

happy birthday photo biscuits

Not Just A Letterbox Gift

These biscuits gifts have been more than a quirky letterbox gift – they have become a unique and joyful way for people to let each know they are still there, thinking about each other, and making someone smile! And as a business owner, I feel so privileged to see the images and messages our customers are sending to those they cannot be with.

Each and every image we get sent makes me smile when I see the thought and words behind the image. So here are our top 3 biscuit occasions for sending edible photo biscuits.

Our Top 3 Photo Cookie Gifts

Celebrating FamilyBirthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Just Because

Whether it is a recent family photo, or a vintage memory, we have created unique, delicious and memorable gifts from your photos. This is a truly personalised cookie!

The Remote Working Team

With Christmas parties, leaving do’s and even weekly meetings not happening over the past 18 months, we have created biscuit gift boxes for teams to see the faces of their ‘work families’ We sent everyone in a large team boxes of biscuits with the faces of every team member on, which they all opened together from their home working locations to celebrate themselves! And we have created unique leaving gifts for much-loved bosses with the faces of every team member wishing them well on their new role.

The Personal, Reassuring and Happy Gift

My absolute favourite gift box we have ever done was during the second lockdown when many university students found themselves in halls, but unable to go home, go out or go to lectures. I know for many (especially for those in the first year away from home) this was an unsettling and scary time. We sent a box photo biscuits with a picture of a very cute 2 year old to his 18-year old self and the message from his mum saying, “To future Oliver, You’re the bees knees. Never forget it xx Love, baby Oliver from the past”. The simplicity and reassurance of this message, plus the funny of receiving a picture of yourself as a 2 year old….just perfect!

(I wish we could share all of these pictures but we do respect our customers personal photos and won’t publish them on the web unless they say we can.)

Custom Personalised Photo Cookies and Biscuits

Enchanting Bakes

If you would like to find out more about our delicious, custom biscuits please contact us and we can create biscuity, delicious happiness for you!

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