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Here at Enchanting Bakes, we specialise in making delicious custom biscuits. We make personalised biscuits, themed biscuits, creative biscuits and corporate biscuits. We are passionate about what we do and have developed different creative ideas depending on what our customers are looking for.

Branded biscuits is one of our main areas of expertise. We love a logo branded biscuit here at the bakery, and have developed a few different methods of creating your brand in edible form.

Edibly Printed Logo Biscuits

We have invested in the equipment to be able to reproduce your logo perfectly – time after time. The advantage of edibly printed biscuits is that the results is completely consistent on each and every biscuit and is an exact replica of your logo.

We make edibly printed biscuits in 2 ways…

One is to reproduce your logo onto a square or round biscuits where the focus is on the company logo on each biscuit. Have a look at some of the amazing biscuits we have made for BBC, Penguin, Halfords and more…

The second way we use edible printing is to create a shaped biscuit with the logo appearing on the shape. We cna get creative with the biscuit shape and colours to make amazing biscuits for product launches, events and parties. Have a look at the bunting we made for Bentall’s Department Store and the feet-shaped biscuits we made for Flexitol. This is always a popular seasonal choice with logos appearing on branded Christmas biscuits, Easter biscuits and more!

Stamped Logo Biscuits

Some logos just look amazing with the logo stamped into the icing. We originally created logo stamps to work on our own logo, and since then have created stamped logo biscuits for many combines including Boots, Liz Earle, Bang and Olufsen, Freesat. Logos can be embossed into white or coloured icing to compliment the brand assets perfectly!

Outbossed Logo Biscuits

This is a fairly new style for us, but I think you will agree the results are wonderful! We can create an ‘out boss’ logo to really make your logo biscuits memorable. Having originally created our logo (which is duplicated and still works brilliantly), we then went on to create outboss logo cookies for BBC World News. The results are wonderful!

Hopefully the above images showcase some of the amazing logo biscuits and cookies we can make. Whatever the style and colours of your logo, just get in touch and we will see how we can help!

And visit our Biscuits for Business pages to get some more biscuit inspo!

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