A Happy Chinese New Year

Hylink is a multinational digital advertising agency. It is China’s largest digital advertising agency and has international offices in Asia, LA, New York and London.
With clients such as Mercedes, Chanel, Citibank, Shell and Google, this is a fast growing business with a very impressive client roster.

Hylink contacted Enchanting Bakes as they were looking to create a bespoke biscuit giftbox to send to their clients to celebrate Chinese New Year. With it being The Year of the Pig, we wanted to create something simple, impactful and clearly branded that would raise a smile when opened, whilst also being relevant to the brief and the company.

We worked with Hylink to design biscuit giftboxes with their branding and messaging both inside and out.

Each giftbox had a custom lid design with a red sticker and gold lettering wishing the recipient a Happy Chinese New Year in both English and Chinese. Inside each giftbox, were 6 hand baked and individually iced vanilla sugar cookies – 5 decorated with an iced pig image and 1 decorated with the Hylink logo. The biscuits were sealed in cello bags for freshness and the giftboxes were completed with red ribbon.

The overall effect was fantastic with the giftboxes feeling personal, relevant and on brand, and the biscuits inside being delicious, unique and fun.

Here at Enchanting Bakes, we LOVED making these giftboxes. By making sure the packaging was as important a part of the marketing message as the biscuits inside, we created a truly bespoke gift that delivered real stand out for Hylink with their clients. We aim to spread biscuit happiness and know that these branded biscuit gift boxes certainly made Hylink’s clients smile!

About working with Enchanting Bakes, Hylink said “Enchanting Bakes most certainly live up to their name. The cookies are delicious! Griselda is a delight to work with and followed the brief perfectly.”

Custom biscuit treats, cookie jars and giftboxes can be such a clever and cost-effective part of your CRM strategy. Whether related to events or seasons, or as an ongoing communication, just get in touch and let’s discuss what we can do for you!

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