Wellbeing Biscuits

We were recently approached by a Doctor at one of the large London hospitals. They were running and Care and Well Being Day for a number of the staff at the hospital and were looking to see if there were any sweet treats they could add to their day.

We had a think about what we could design, and wanted to bring something creative and different to their event. We presented the idea of white iced cloud biscuits plus edible ink felt tip pens. The clouds were to represent thoughts, ideas and a general sense of calm, and the edible pens were to allow participants to write their thoughts, feelings and general sense of wellbeing onto the biscuits.

The benefits of mindful activities are well documented in improving wellbeing including helping to manage stress, increasing creativity in a screen-heavy digital world, and even decreasing negative thinking and increasing positivity.

Here at the bakery, we are HUGE fans of the NHS and the amazing people that work there. We were so delighted to work on this event and deliver a unique and tasty idea.

The feedback we received was fantastic. The organiser told us the workshop was great and very well received. We also had direct feedback from the participants including one who told us the activity was “so therapeutic just acknowledging the way you feel…& then getting to eat it”.

This is such a great example of how biscuits can be more than an extra bit of sweetness to your events, away day’s or workshops. These biscuits provided a really different element of interactivity that was beneficial for the delegates.

If you are interested in seeing how we can add engagement, interaction, a fun element and obviously a little sugar hit to your work events, away day’s and workshops, just get in touch for a no-obligation chat and ideas.

We have an ever growing roaster of business we work with designing and creating unique biscuits for them. Whether it is for pitches, AGM’s, workshops, team rewards or client gifts, there are so many areas we can work with you. You can also lots of the amazing biscuits we have created for our business clients here. If you have something coming up, just get in touch, and we can offer a no-obligation range of ideas for you.

In the meantime, have a lovely week!

Griselda x

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