A Truly Unique Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is a pretty important day for us here at the bakery and we always try to create some unique, interesting and memorable Father’s Day biscuit gifts.

We always include our best selling and much loved photo cookies as one of our gift boxes. We are yet to meet anyone who doesn’t smile when they see their offsprings faces and messages all on one of our delicious sugar cookies.

Edible photo biscuits are always a hit, however we also like to include a more traditional option with our customisable ‘Daddy’ or whoever you are gifting. We can personalise them to say Grandpa, Stepdad or whoever plays the Father role in our life.

We have a new addition to our Father’s Day gift line up this year with the incredible ‘Write It Yourself’ notepad biscuits.

Why not give the kids this set of notebook biscuits and get them to write the story of why they love their Daddy. With 10 biscuits in each one, there is so much they can say. Our Enchanting Elves wrote the reasons they love their Dad which included:-
• he makes me giggle
• he take me on bike rides
• he looks after us
• he does the voices in my stories
• he sings Muse songs to me (this might just be our family..!)
Give it a go and see what your kids have to say…!

We are taking orders until Monday June 10th, so visit our Etsy Shop to order. We love nothing more than seeing the happy our biscuits bring to people, so please do tag us if you post on social media. And please, please let us know if your children come up with anything more random than the Muse back catalogue!

In the meantime, have an Enchanting Day!

Griselda x

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