Fun With Flags

We recently worked on a truly amazing corporate biscuit order with Pegasus, a very creative, integrated communications agency.

They were working with their client, a large international pharmaceutical company, who were looking to celebrate the launch of a new area of their business across a number of international markets. They were looking for an idea that would celebrate these markets, and would be part of an eye-catching display in their atrium reception on the day of the event. They wanted their employees to be able to see and taste relevant and memorable sweet treats in keeping with the launch of the new area of the business.

We worked with Pegasus to define a few ideas. What was particularly interesting was developing not only the ideas for biscuits, but also for the way in which we were going to display them to create something visually striking, and still on-message.

The final product was a range of hand iced flag biscuits for the countries the new business would be operating in. This included:-

We wrapped each of these in cello bags and then added a simple ribbon to allow the biscuits to be hung across a display stand. The final results were spectacular – hundreds of individually iced biscuits with flag designs on them, hanging across display stands within the large atrium at the head office.

Here at Enchanting Bakes, we loved these biscuits as they were so different, and fun to create (and obviously tasted amazing!) The client company said that our biscuits were just what they wanted and everyone loved them”. And Pegasus said “We like working with Griselda at Enchanting Bakes. She works hard to think about a good creative solution and makes her amazing biscuits such an integral part of the overall strategy.”

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