Biscuit Cake / Cake Biscuit Icing Workshop

We recently ran a Valentine’s biscuit decorating workshop. You may have seen these amazing biscuits cakes – they are large biscuits cut to shape, and then iced with fluffy buttercream before being decorated with a host of sweet treats.

Our biscuit decorating workshop was themed for Valentine’s Day. We brought along our hand baked vanilla sugar cookies in a range of shapes and sizes, supplied, piping bags, fondant icing, holds, cutters, food colouring and got everyone decorating.

We started with everyone hand icing the smaller biscuits to go on top of the larger biscuit bake and introduced a few techniques and skills to the group. Once they had had time to decorate their ‘topping’ biscuits, we brought out the large biscuits for decorating. Again, after a brief tutorial, everyone was able to pipe their own larger biscuits with our fluffy buttercream before assembling the final creations. They decorated their biscuit cakes with the biscuits they had iced, and a selection of other treats we supplied including themed sweets and sprinkles.

The results were fantastic with everyone taking home their own beautiful, delicious and personal biscuit cake. Even better though was the feedback we got from the class.

“I can’t believe I made all this myself. I love it!”

“That’s 2 hours of the most brilliant R&R. I really needed that – thank you!”

“It’s so nice to do something creative and make something with my hands”

“Can we stay here and do this all day?”

Our biscuits decorating workshops and icing workshops are an excellent few hours of doing something creative, relaxing and fun. We can tailor any workshop for you, and we cna bring everything with us (and leave only smiles and beautiful biscuits).

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