Piping Icing Easter Egg Biscuits

So it’s Easter this weekend and what a strange one it will be this year. We had been planning Easter icing workshops with some of our business customers. We can pre-bake our delicious biscuits and bring them to your office along with icing bags, sprinkles, edible paints and other sweet decorations. We bring everything with us, treat your team to an hour or two of engaging and creative fun, whilst learning a new skill and having a sweet treat at the end. (We also clear up and leave only happy people and delicious biscuits behind!)

Anyway, for obvious reasons, we are not going to be running our Easter Egg Biscuit Decorating Workshops at the current time. But we thought we would still share how we pipe our Easter eggs biscuits with you as it is a really fun activity to be doing this time of year, and something you can do with the family, or anyone else you are self-isolating with!

Firstly you need to decide your biscuit shape. If you have cookie cutters then great. If not, you can use an upside down glass or cup to cut rounds, or you can use a piece of cardboard to make a template and use this to hand cut your biscuits (and icing) so they are all the same shape.

Next, bake your biscuits. We use a sugar cookie recipe for most of our biscuits, but for these shortbread will work just as well.

Allow to cool and then you can get icing (although these shortbreads are so delicious you need to make sure you don’t just start eating them straight away).

If you can get hold of fondant icing (which is also called ready to roll icing at the supermarket), this is ideal to cover the biscuits. You can roll this out to a few mm thickness and then cut to the same shape as the biscuit. Spray or sprinkle a very small amount of water over the biscuit and put the cut icing shape on top. You just want enough water to make it stick and not to make the biscuit soggy. A clean water sprayer (like the ones for misting plants) is ideal but please please make sure it is brand new, completely clean and has only ever had water in it.

And now the fun bit…the piping icing! You need Royal Icing for this which you can buy in the sugar section in supermarkets. Put some royal icing sugar in a bowl add cold water (very slowly and in very small amounts – you’d be amazed how little you need! Use the quantities on the box as a guide). You want the icing to be the consistency of toothpaste or the inside of a Creme Egg. Once ready, put it into a piping bag, and you can decorate any which way you please! I often draw my pattern out onto a piece of paper first, but the whole point is to be creative and have some fun!

Let the icing dry for 30 mins or so, and then if you have it you can paint with edible paints. Use a really clean paint brush and again, be as creative as you want!

We would love to see your biscuits so please tag us on Instagram or share on Facebook. @enchantingbakes

Happy icing and Happy Easter!

Griselda x

Please get in touch if you would be interested in finding out more about our icing workshops for your team or business, or for a group of friends.

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