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Sending biscuits by post: Enchanting Bakes

Posting biscuits and happiness across the UK!

I was reflecting the other day about the biscuits we have baked over the past 6 months (since lockdown started). I scrolled through the images of all the delicious biscuits we have baked and iced, and I realised that my dream of creating a business that makes people happy is well and truly here!

We have made such a huge array of biscuits for individuals, companies, team leaders, parents, kids, people living on their own, people wishing they had more privacy and so many, many more. At a time when so many needed isolation gifts, we have been able to send custom and personalised biscuits through the letterbox. And the overwhelming theme has been sending custom biscuits by post to let people know they are loved, thought about, appreciated and missed.

custom message biscuits

It has been a privilege to send some of the personal messages on biscuits that children and grandchildren have sent to their isolating parents, messages of strength friends have sent to each other, reminders of better times sent on photo cookies, and sometimes just a simple rainbow biscuit to remind people that this will pass.

An absolute favourite was a mother who sent a custom biscuit gift by post to her son. He is in his early 20’s and was living alone through lockdown in a flat with no contact with anyone other than through a computer screen. She asked us to create a photo cookie biscuit gift box with images of her son as a (very cute) toddler, with the message “You are amazing, strong and have got this. Never forget that. Love from Baby [Name] from the past”. I have to admit as a mother, this made me well-up slightly, and I felt so privileged that we were helping raise a smile to someone who really needed it.

We have also worked with lots of companies since their staff were no longer able to work in offices. Managers wanted to find ways to let people know they were appreciated, and recognise that everyone who normally worked together were working apart and in very different circumstances. Another manager wanted to find a way to bring everyone together and recreate the office camerdarie – even if only for an afternoon. We have created everything from branded and customised biscuit gift boxes sent to every team member, through to a single Thank You biscuit and a tea bag to encourage people to have a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst chatting with colleagues. Again, baking custom biscuits to help bring some positivity at difficult time has ben a real privilege.

So as a small business owner in a rather turbulent year, I feel so proud that we have designed, baked, iced and delivered such an array of amazing, loving, funny, bittersweet and personal messages onto biscuits.

So just get in touch if you want to find out how we can help you send some custom biscuits by post. I know biscuits can’t fix things, but they do make things just a little bit better!

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