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3 Good Reasons to Send Enchanting Christmas Biscuit Gifts in 2020

Well there’s not much to say about 2020 – I think we all know what a rather strange, and unsettling year it has been. Who would have thought that working from home, home schooling, Zoom and signing off ‘Stay Safe’ would be the norm?

Christmas wreath biscuits - biscuits for business from Enchanting Bakes

Christmas WILL happen this year, but again we have no idea exactly how it will happen and what that will look like. Will there be Christmas parties? Or even a drink in the office? At this stage, it all seems to be a ‘maybe but probably not…’

But that doesn’t mean you need to give up on Christmas gifting. If anything it makes it more important than ever to send a thank you, a Season’s Greetings and some festiveness (if that is even a word!) to staff and customers – wherever they are. After such a strange year with many people furloughed, and many others not seeing their colleagues other than through a screen, why not send a custom made sweet treat to reconnect everyone, and raise a smile.

So why choose Enchanting Bakes to send festive greetings to you staff or customers?

edibly printed logo christmas biscuit gift box


Choosing a custom biscuit design for your gifting shows that you have thought through the gift you are giving. Whether it is a year like the one we have had, or a ‘normal’ year, everyone wants to feel thought about and receive a gift that thought has clearly gone in to. Bespoke biscuits are the perfect way to do that.


Christmas is the time to thank people, remind them of your working relationship and show them that you appreciate what they do for you – whether they are an employee or customer. If there was ever a year we need to reach out and make sure people know they are appreciated, then this is surely it. As my mum told me, ‘Always say Thank You!’


There’s not more to add here, other than people genuinely love biscuits! They are very uncontroversial (appropriate for everyone regardless of faith, life stage and role). But more importantly, people like biscuits and like to eat biscuits and eating biscuits makes people happy – which is the perfect emotion to associate with your brand!

The perfect gift for 2020. A branded, mask wearing gingerbread man!

Here at Enchanting Bakes, we have a passion for biscuits, and for making creative, interesting Christmas gifts that will spread some biscuits happiness! All can be tailored to your company or event (whether online or offline). From a Thank You festive biscuit with a cup of tea (individually sealed teabags), to branded gift boxes, colour in and eat your own biscuit baubles and mask-wearing gingerbread men, there is something for everyone.

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Enchanting Bakes is a small boutique biscuiterie based in Twickenham. We make delicious, custom biscuits to make people smile.

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