Why Small Businesses ROCK! (And why you should buy from small businesses)

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We are a very proud small business making branded corporate biscuits for corporate gifts, and personalised biscuits for parties and events. We have lots and lots of repeat business which means we are doing something right!

So as a small business owner, and someone whois passionate about supporting small businesses, I have been having a think about what my clients and customers have fed back to me about what they choose to use my little business for their biscuity needs….! . And when you put it all together…SMALL BUSINESSES REALLY DO ROCK!

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A bold statement I know, but here’s why I think small business is great!

  1. We are adaptable.

You want your Christmas biscuits with the details in your corporate colours? No problem. We just have that conversation and it is done! You want half of your biscuit gifts to be sent this week, and half next week? No problem – no need to place 2 orders, or ‘add notes to seller’, just let us know (email, text, phone, WhatsApp) and it is done. When I worked in large corporates, I had this brilliant analogy of a massive cruise liner – think how long it takes to change course and manoeuvre around – vs a small, kayak – just put the paddle in, turn around and head whoever you need to go. That is small business! (And I love an analogy!)

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2. We care.

We really really do. Every order is a personal reflection of what we do and how well we can do it. There is no ‘other department’ to blame errors on – only us. So we tend to check, check and check again to make sure the order is one to make us proud. We are also reliant on good feedback, reviews and positive word of mouth – so we really do have a vested interest in making sure every order is amazing!

3. We are passionate

…about our products, our customers and our businesses. You don’t put in the hours, the work and the attention to detail when you are not utterly passionate about what you do… If there is a problem, we fix it. If there is a special request, we make it happen. And if you have a crazy deadline, we find a way to make it happen (who needs weekends anyway).

4. It’s personal

Of course we have systems in place, and order numbers to refer to, but we know you. We know you by name, your company, what you like, what you don’t and how best to contact you, and even when to contact you. And we want to make you happy so you buy from us again – what better reason is there to shop small than that!

5. We appreciate every single order.

Spoiler alert – I always send a little custom biscuit gift to our business customers to thank them for choosing a small business (and my small business!). When was the last time you got thanked for buying from a big company? (Just saying’!)

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Poster by Dave Buonaguidi for Holly&Co made into a delicious biscuits by Enchanting Bakes

There are so many small business cheerleaders and we are so lucky to work with @hollytucker – the ultimate small business cheerleader. We supply custom biscuits to Holly & Co , You can check out their website for ideas of how to support small this year. (Plus it’s a great chance for me to showcase some of the amazing biscuits we make for them!)

small business pharmacy custom biscuits made by Enchanting Bakes for Holly & Co

This year, I for one will be trying to buy as much as possible from small and local businesses. There’s so much cool stuff on Etsy , and so many small local businesses are doing click & collect now they are unable to open. There are also so many ways you can support small businesses even if they are not selling stuff you want to buy. Have a look at some suggestions here.

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So from a small business owner, THANK YOU for every order, kind work, review, like, and comment. And if you ever need beautiful, tasty, custom made biscuits, you know who to call!

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