Our Top 3 Christmas Biscuit Gifts

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We love being a small business that makes Christmas gifts for our customers. We bake every biscuit by hand to order, and I love to think that the biscuit happiness we are creating is going out to someone to wish them festive cheer!

We have a number of offerings for corporate gifting this Christmas – you can see the full range here. Of our Christmas cookie gifts, here are our top 3 and why we love them so much!

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No. 3

Branded white Christmas biscuit gift box - Christmas Biscuits from Enchanting Bakes
White Christmas Biscuit Gift Box

White Christmas Biscuit Gift Box

So simple, elegant and classy, this Christmas gift cuts through the noise and glitter of Christmas and delivers a more refined and traditional approach to the festive season. With each hand baked biscuit iced with a white icing festive shape, this design also allows for your seasonal message (Merry Christmas, or Season’s Greetings) plus the change to included a branded biscuit with your logo on the icing.

No. 2

Christmas wreath biscuits - biscuits for business from Enchanting Bakes
Christmas Wreath Biscuit Gift Box

Christmas Wreaths Biscuit Gift Box

I adore a Christmas wreath and I love a biscuit wreath even more! These lovely biscuits have a hand textured icing and are adorned with a coloured bow – whether this a festive red, a range of bright coloured bows, or your company brand colour for the icing ribbon. Again, each box can include your seasonal message and/or your company logo making it a truly custom, delicious Christmas treat.


Christmas Jumper Biscuits

Decorate your own Christmas jumper biscuits plus edible ink felt set

These biscuits are a hit! We have made them for an office Friday afternoon treat, a creative break during the working day, a very unique gift for clients, and a letterbox competition for a whole team working from home. Whatever the use, these Christmas jumper biscuits are great fun. Not just for the kids, you can set a theme or just let creativity reign – and then eat them! A simple idea that delivers great fun and great tastes!

Or for a bit of variety why nor order some decorate your own baubles for your team to decorate and take home!

What do you think?

There is still time to order some delicious, custom biscuits for Christmas. Just get in touch or click the big red button below to see how we can help.

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