Custom Biscuits for a Very Special Event – Call The Midwife 10th Birthday Party

custom biscuits made fro call the midwife BBC party event

Our Enchanting Biscuits made it to BAFTA to celebrate this iconic show.

custom biscuits made fro call the midwife BBC party event

We were approached by BBC Studios to make some themed Call the Midwife Biscuits for a party celebrating 10 years since the programme began. For such a well-loved TV programme, this was such an honour to be asked to develop and create these custom biscuits.

call the midwife custom biscuits for anniversary event

We worked with the marketing team and created a number of biscuit designs before confirming the final two custom biscuits we progressed with. There are many iconic images relating to the programme, and it was decided that the nun’s bikes and the midwife’s cardigans were the chosen items. Plus they wanted to include the Call The Midwife logo on one of the biscuits.

custom biscuits for call the midwife

We loved created the image and logo biscuit which was edibly printed onto our delicious round sugar cookies. And even more fun were the cardigan biscuits we cut and iced by hand.

The event was a huge success and the feedback we got was wonderful. My favourite quote was ‘genius and brilliant’, whilst we also heard that they were ‘simply perfect’!

What a truly wonderful order to work on – I loved the original books and the TV programme and so felt so delighted to be asked to design and make these amazing biscuits.

If you have an event or party, and need something a little different, just get in touch to see if we can help!

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