Ideas for Christmas Biscuits -Something a bit different and a bit fun

edibly printed photo biscuits for christmas

There is still time to get some Christmas biscuits ordered (although not much!) We have been lucky this year to work on some really fun ideas of festive cookies for our customers to share with the teams, or send to their clients. So we thoughts we would share our Top 3!

The Photo Biscuit Gift Box

This is such a great idea – we have made photo cookies of every member of a certain team, and then packaged these up in festive wrapping for each member of the team to be able to celebrate and eat their colleagues photos. This is such a unique and delicious gift, and also one that we hear really does get people doubled over with laughter! The only question is – would you eat your favourite or least favourite first?!

Gingerbread House Biscuit Kit Competition

Our delicious gingerbread houses are design to fit snuggly into a small postal box and deliver hand baked, delicious gingerbread house making kits. Each kit includes the right sized gingerbreads already baked, along with royal icing, sweets, sprinkles, instructions and even your company logo. We have seen these joyful houses being decorated by whole families, or by the perfectionist with such success. Have a look at the gallery below to see what we mean!

Design and Eat Your Own Christmas Jumper Biscuit Set

Everyone loves a Christmas jumper – how about getting everyone to decorate their own Christmas biscuit before they scoff them! Our large, hand baked and iced Christmas jumper cookies are delivered with set of edible ink felt pens. Originally, the were designed for the kids, but we seem to only make them for office treats and letterbox gifts these days. Why not post a set to your favourite customer or order in for your team. What would you write on yours?

There is still time to order so just click on the link below to find out about these or other Christmas biscuit ideas. You can spread some biscuit joy whilst supporting small business!

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