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decorate your own christmas biscuits

Christmas biscuits for clients, customers, coworkers and teams

decorated christmas biscuits
Brand Colour Iced Biscuit Baubles

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…!

We love everything Christmas here at the Enchanting Bakery, is always such a wonderful time to bake festive biscuits for our clients.

Biscuits are great as corporate treats and business presents. We can be very creative with our biscuit designs. We can customise our biscuits and the packaging they come in to ensure every element of this custom gift represents your business. Whether we are making logo biscuits, personalised cookies or gingerbread house kits by post, we personalise all elements from the biscuit designs through to seasonal packaging. Plus biscuits have a great shelf life and travel happily through the post.

So here are some great ideas for your Christmas gifting – whether as thank you to your customers, or your team members, each one will deliver a custom Christmas gift to make them smile.

Branded Gingerbread Houses

One of our absolute favourite Enchanting Bakes, these are also one of our more popular sets. Our gingerbread gift sets include the house biscuits ready baked, allowing the recipients to focus win the fun part of decorating the house. You can read all about an amazing gingerbread house kit competition run by one of our customers a few years ago here (And just in case, these can be posted to individual addresses in small parcel sized boxes)

Custom Christmas Biscuits Gift box

“They now ask for your biscuit gift box each year! They always go down so well” Great feedback from one of our returning customers who send these festive biscuit gift boxes every Christmas. Simple, seasonal and customised for you, these biscuit gift boxes are delicious, customisable and letterbox friendly.

Logo Christmas Gingerbread Men

Simple, funny, quirky and still with your corporate identity – each one fits happily into a small gift box and through letterboxes, or can be left in the break room. Either way, these are memorable, delicious and unique! In fact, we love these so much we have been known the use them for our own festive gifting! (Masks are now optional…!)

Christmas Jumper Day Decorate Your Own Christmas Jumper Biscuit

These biscuits are a hit! We have made them for an office Friday afternoon treat, a creative break during the working day, a very unique gift for clients, and a letterbox competition for a whole team working from home. Whatever the use, these Christmas jumper biscuits are great fun. Not just for the kids, you can set a theme or just let creativity reign – and then eat them! A simple idea that delivers great fun and great tastes!

We have so many wonderful ideas for festive client gifting this year. As a small business, we take the time to work with you and understand your requirement. We can personalise everything from your actual biscuits, through to all elements of the packaging (ribbons, labels, stickers, box sleeves and tins).

And it’s totally true…

Every time you buy something from a small business a real actual person does a happy dance

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