Write Your Own Edible Ink Notecard Biscuits

We all know how special a hand written note makes us feel. And we also know how everyone loves a biscuit. Well look what we have created…edible heart shaped notecard biscuits, and they come with an edible ink felt pen meaning you can write your own special note to someone you care about and then they get to eat it!

write your own biscuit note

These are one of our favourite biscuits, and one that we get such wonderful feedback for. Our customers have ordered them as gifts for so many occasions including Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher Thank You gifts. And we love seeing the messages they write on them – and then how much they enjoy eating them!

We have seen so many people writing amazing thank you notes for their teachers on these love heart biscuit notes with the edible ink felt pens we supply. We have also seen gorgeous notes to mummy’s and daddy’s, and loved ones. Such a unique and delicious gift.

You can order these from our Etsy store, or we are a Not On The High Street partner and you can order them here.

Personalised note biscuits love heart gift sets with edible ink felt pens.

edible ink felt pen and note biscuits

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