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staff christmas gifts
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Season’s Greetings! Have you thoughts about your festive gifting for your clients, suppliers, employees and anyone else you want to treat this year? Here at Enchanting Bakes we love nothing more than creating happy, festive and ‘custom for you’ Christmas gifts.

We have been baking festive biscuit magic for a good few years so here our our top 3 pics for corporate Christmas gifts this year.

(If you want you can start humming Top of the Pops Top Ten Countdown music here…)

In at 3….

3. Branded Christmas Biscuits – Letterbox friendly Christmas gifts

Whether you are sending to one office, or individuals at home, we have a corporate Christmas gifting idea for you. We customise biscuits, box size, design, colours and packaging to meet your requirements and budgets. Click here to leave your number or email and we get in touch to find out more and suggest Christmas biscuit gift ideas that will work for you

2. Decorate Your Own / Edible Colouring In Festive Themed Biscuit Gifts

Completely unique, tasty and memorable. Have some fun with your staff Christmas gifts. We can bake a bespoke Christmas biscuit for you and add creative elements to each package. How about ‘decorate your own Christmas jumper day’ and then eat it! Get in touch here and we will suggest designs and ideas to suit your corporate Christmas gifting requirements.

3. Branded Gingerbread House (customisable) Kit (with the bsicuits already baked so you just get to do the fun decorating part…

Challenge them all to a competition… create a hashtag, customise your gingerbread house decorating kit (coloured sweets? logo discs? themes? or just keep it simple…). Then ask them to upload their images to share some festive joy! Or just send something seasonal, fun and really tasty with no need to share your creation (unless you want to!) We bake the gingerbreads for you (delicious of course) and then package everything securely into a simple recyclable box ready to be sent to one or multiple addresses. Find out more by sending us your contact details, we will get in touch and create wonderful Christmas gifts for your employees or customers.

Bespoke Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

We can customise all elements of your Christmas biscuits from the shape, colours and flavours through to all elements of the packaging. Get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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